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(young deuce verse)
I place my hands up on yo waist and i whisper in yo ear and have chills runnin down ya spine u aint gotta shed a tear now tell me if i was a man would u eva cheat on me just like ya did my homie or would i be yo one and only yea you kiss me once u kiss me twice the third time it felt so nice all you wanna do is cry nah i kno how how to treat chu right last year we had some problems arguing about some some drama but ta me u was the type of girl that i can take home ta moma you turn my bad days into good days and i thank god that i gotchu said i love u latanya and i could neva live wit out you said you count in me i wit you count you i pormiss i wont like to you i give up anything you want me to so i can be with you

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