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I have found a secret place
A place where only you and i
Can share sweet fellowship
The type oh lord that you require
A place where i can hear from you
And seek your holy face
Lord my one desire
Is to be close to you

All i wanna to do is love you
All i want to is worship you
All i wanna to do is sit here right at your feet
As i lift my hands to heaven
Let your power fall down on me
Renew the right spirit within me, lord once again

So much things around me lord
Distracting me away from you
The enemy of my soul
Trying to put out my refiners fire
But when i get back to my secret place
And hide under you mighty shadow
There i find peace and rest
As i get closer to you


Analysing where you brought me from
I realise the time i spent with you
Has brought me to a place where

No chains can hold me down
Cause i can stand upon your shoulders
And i can fly like an eagle
Cause of the faith i have in you


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