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Rock City

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Rock city deh aye aye oh oh oh oh oh oh uhh don knowrite about now

(verse 1)
Good love so hard to find
Your one of akind
Oh can you be mine oh can u be mine
Cuz you stand out in the crowd
Your more than a wow
I'm telling you now i'm telling you now

You bring me my better days
There are no words left to explain
The way you make me feels insane
'cause you got me saying girl

Oh oh oh oh all i want is you
I want fi hold yah and squeeze yah gyal i wanna make u comfortable
Oh oh oh oh all i want is you
Gyal me want you and me need you gyal without you i'll be miserable

(verse 2)
See i just want to give you my heart girl
Cuz ur all that i really need in ah me life yeah
I just wanna make you my wife uh-oh
So is it cool if i call you my empress
Cuz girl your more than any man can ever really want yea aye
More than any man can eva need ah

Verse 1
Verse 2

Verse 1

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