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Date de parution : 01/01/2010

Durée : 0:03:39

Style : Holiday

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Every christmas i'll be crossing my fingers,
Every time im gonna hold my breath.
I sent a letter up to ol' chris cringle,
But i haven't got an answer yet.

Chorus 1;
All i want for christmas, all i need for christmas
All i really want to do. is be with you on christmas day.

I dont need another turtle-neck sweater
I dont even like to wear cologne
I know something that'll soothe me better,
More than anything you better know.

Chorus 2;
All i want for christmas, all i need for christmas.
All i'm waitng for is this, to steal a kiss on christmas day.

Now you might think that i couldnt get this,
If i got a red tie on a pin striped vest.
'cause really the only one thing i like best,
Maybe a misteltoe will help you guess.

Chorus 1,chorus 2.

On chrsitmas day -repeat

I don't need another turtle neck sweater, baby.
I dont even like to wear colonge

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