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Christine Anderson

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The doctor walks in
And confesses his sin to the nurses
The priest was released
For addressing the clergy in curses
And i'm still in bed with the bump on my head
That i got when i fell down the stairs
I threw myself down 'cause you've not been around
And i don't like our state of affairs

Yet i've not succeeded to show you i'm needed
My love goes unheeded again
I feel like you've left me, a moth on a sill
And i'm breaking up in the wind
Where's the connection, i need your affection
This is not the way things should be
The parts of my heart have been broken apart
And i've lined them up for you to see

All in a row, all in a row
Ordinary moth parts
All in a row

I guess i admit i don't think you're legit
And it raises the burden of proof
And yes i confess that i tend to obsess
But ive started to guess at the truth
I know you like drinks and ive started to think
That you picked up some minx at the bar
I can picture you there with your hands in her hair
And her lipstick around your cigar
Bet you got women

All in a row, all in a row
Ordinary women
All in a row

Summer's here, it's that time again
Salvation's all we need
And yet time goes by unending, yeah
At such ferocious speed
And i stop to think for a little while
It's really not too long
Then i look away
In that instant the moment is gone

Ill end it for me
Its come such a degree out of hand
That im gonna go insane
I've gotta end the pain
And babe i gotta end it fast as i can

I've got bullets, they're
All in a row, all in a row
Just ordinary bullets
Baby i told you so!
Theyre just all in a row
All in a row

Just like ordinary



All in a row

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