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The Softies

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When i was running around trying to get kissed
And throwing myself at anyone who'd have me
You were one half of one thing with one girl
And this seemed to go on somewhat endlessly
But now that's all over for you
I think it's time i had something just like that too
I say my timing's bad, you say it's fine
Good things will come dear, all in good time

Softly the days slip by without making much sound
I wonder if you have noticed i'm not around
Stifling these feelings of wanting to hold you
And thinking of things that i shouldn't have told you
Will this true love ever come into being
I'm used to passion not waiting and seeing
I say my timing's bad, you say it's fine
We'll fall in love someday, all in good time

Blue christmas tree lights are hanging in place
I am waiting to stun you with all of my charm and grace
Planning and scheming on when to steal kisses
And tallying up all my grand hits and misses
Taking it slow doesn't sound so much appealing
Say it again now this time with more feeling
I say my timing's bad, you say it's fine
I don't believe this should take so much time

I can't wait much longer, short attention span
Want you to sleep over, at least let's hold hands

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