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Date de parution : 01/01/2014

Durée : 0:04:06

Style : Alternative

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It's human heart, that hurt me.
Now it seems all the laughter is gone.
I remember the days going out having fun now, we given up, makes me in the evening song.
I remember this song in vain.
Summer nights, drawn by the fire, all the embers where smoldering still, now i'm lost in the cold.

Wasted all i got, taste the sour from my eyes.
My face is rolling salts, starving candles dying light.
Somebody take me home.

In a pride, that prospered, still i fear the rain coming down.
I remember the nights holding hands in the park,
In our innocents, stirring up the passion that sparked,
I remember the golden days.
We be drinking wine, downing it fast, it is almost time,
Almost time to let go.

Gave it all i got. i'm in pieces, torn apart.
How i know it is all my fault.

Starving candles, dying light.
Can somebody take me home.

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