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Step right up, try your luck
Play a little holdem are ya texas tough?
If youre buyin in i tell ya this could go all night
I know your card, queen of hearts
Youre goin down baby and youre goin down hard
Nothin up my sleeve were getting down to business alright

Dont call it
Youll only have yourself to blame
Ill show it
Cause im all in baby
And thats the way i play my game

One eyed jack, on the attack
Take me to the river theres no turnin back
Got some bullets comin at ya get your hands in the air
You got something to prove, not a minute to lose
What you got left better make your move
So play with the king if you dare, yeah


Are you ready to deal?
Think youre takin it all
Im comin in for the steal
Are you ready to call?


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