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Johnny Clegg & Savuka

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Something's changed in the weather
There's a movement underground
Something slipped from the finger
And may never again be found
Standing lost by a river
In a land far from you
I came seeking things of value
Only found a point of view

Dark morning bring the fear
The future lost its way
And you are many worlds apart from me
It's hard to believe it when you say:
"all is not lost, all is not lost
If you really want to know listen to your heart
All is not lost, all is not lost
Don't let the world tear you apart"

Reading through your letter
I was taken by the truth
You said "wherever you go, there's no way out,
You have to take yourself with you"
I dreamed i was holding a feather
Of a bird that once flew
The old man suffers from
The boy inside he once knew


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