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(movie bites from "scarface (1983) ", al pacino as tony montana speaks:)
Verse 1:
Sittin' in my jacuzzi/
Sittin' in my jacuzzi/
Over here talking bout 9-5/
Nah that ain't gon' move me/
Anything less than ten bro?
That's that old nintendo, cause y'all playings games stop playing games i spent that on my windows!
You spent that on your? n-o, i spent that on my tint hoe.
When your dough get long enough they'll say you got extend-dough
You can turn your doors to bullet proof and that wouldn't stop an attempt though
Ain't worried bout anybody shooting through cause i'm thinking bout the demo
Don't call me on the wrong jack, (don't call you on the wrong what?)
No, just hang up and don't call back.
Hope your car is trustworthy, hope you got the car facts
Hope you don't open the door and explode right after contact
I keep a banana with me i think i'm axel foley
Hope you get my point like you trying not to be a goalie
You said they head real raw
But what's this garbage they sold me?
If the world was sucker-free then i'd probably be a-lonely..

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