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Smile Empty Soul

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By now i should have been somwhere
Or gone to school or fixed my hair
Back down tell it to someone else
Who gives a shit and needs your help
Cause i found

What i needed and i
Don't need you to tell me how you feel
And if i fall you are
Not the one that has to cope and deal
All my problems are for me

My god look at his tattoos and those
Earrings he could never get a good job
Go home and beat your kids so they
Don't turn out as bad as me
Cause i found


All my problems are for me
I don't need your eyes to see
I will be what i will be

Stop coming around cause you bother me
Stupid muther fucker pull your head out your
Ass and see
What don't you get was i studdering
I don't need to take your shit get away from me

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