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Jonny Lang

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Date de parution : 23/08/2013

Durée : 0:04:42

Style : Rock

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I'm like a wave out on the ocean.
Come and going with the tide.
No idea where i'm heading or direction to my life my home is on the highway and my family is on the stage
That's all i ever wanted until i saw your face
I'm only here today just passing through
Must have been a miracle that i found you
Its only been a minute but i already know

All of a sudden i loved you so
All of a sudden i loved you so

The room stands still around me like i'm frozen here in time
Your soul looks so familiar just like its part of gods design
Its like the words were written for us before we even speak
And every step was ordered before we walked into this scene

I thought my life was headed down a different road the lesson that i learned is that you never know
My life started over when we said hello

All of a sudden i loved you so (x4)

It feels like the first time
Just like the last time
We ever felt this way
Where we can start a family
Or maybe, maybe that can wait for a little while have some fun first
I won't lie sometimes i worry that we will stand the test of time
But its 12 years later and we are on our way
Four little babies with our last name
Everytime you smile takes me right back to hello

All of a sudden i loved you so (x2)

After all of these years all of a sudden i loved you so (x4)

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