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Died beneath the red white and blue

All just because you did what they told you to do

Tried to buy a mind of your own

Countless episodes in violence took a toll
The system failed - for lack of interest in you
They kept the pawns at bay

Whith reckless abandonment they met their goals

Few tried to stand in their way

When peace defied the nation

They snuffed all need to know
Damned this generation

And fucked us - way to go!
Played us like a man

Who's qork is never done

Their wish is our command
And all they want is all or none

Succumbed to laws of death but such is life
Sometimes you're bait - they bite

You tried to cut the tension with a knife

All efforts ain't worth shit

Painful proposition - take - do not refuse
A face to place the blame

I guess sometimes you win - sometimes you lose

It's how you play the game

Thoughtless revelations
Got no place to go

Mindless aspirations

Spoiled no seed to grow
The promise in the land

We'll reap if we are one

And now the time's at hand
And all we want is all or none

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