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Patrick Park

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Date de parution : 15/10/2013

Durée : 0:03:47

Style : Singer/Songwriter

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If you gave up the life you knew
Things you poured your heart into

And every one you knew was gone
Like they never came along,
What would hold onto without all the crazy longing?..

If you we're whole and i was too...
All the damage we would do..

Set the hold, and tie the line, and watch the flames rise through the night, cause nothins' gonna dim this heart of mine... now its all or nothin..

(1) older than the sea, are these things that we are of,
But in this game of wait and see, you gotta grit your teeth, you gotta toughen up- cause it's never gonna be the way, that you were thinkin' of..........

And through the miles that onward wind..
Unravel habits of your mind..

(2) just remember nothing dies, except the passing of the time, that nothings ever yours or mine, and we go to keep on goin'


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