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Lex Zaleta

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You were my dark lady in dreams,
The woman i had to possess.
I employed the most intricate schemes,
But i never met with success.
Then i found a four-leaf clover,
And what i always heard was true.
Long before that night was over,
Baby, i was all over you.
Yeah, long before that night was over,
Girl, i was all over you.

I don't know when it all went bad;
Can't say when you began to roam.
I just know i was always sad,
And you were always far from home.
Shouldn't have bought you that range rover -
Probably was the wrong thing to do.
Before every night was over,
I knew you'd be all over too.
Before those longs nights were over,
I knew you'd be all over too.

Goodness, how things change
When you change yourself ...

Just finished a twelve-step program
To forget about you and me.
Today, i finally feel i am
Just one small step from being free.
Found another four-leaf clover,
And a girl way better than you.
And before the night is over,
Baby, i'll be all over you.
... yeah, forget you, girl ...
Before the night is over,
I'll be all over you.

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