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Barbra Streisand

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I want a gown of diamonds
Long gloves and sweet perfumes
Hats made of silks and satins
Sequins and ostrich plumes
I want to wear mascara
Polish my nails real bright
I want to be an actress
Actresses play all night
If i should sneeze it?s a sign
All that i want to will be mine
Oh please, pretty, please
Dear nose make me sneeze
I want to find my true love
Like all the love songs say
I want to do what i want
I want to get my way
Wild dreams grow wise
When sweet childhood flies
Time waved a hand
And the breeze blue the sand from my eyes

I want a gown of gingham
Diamonds would weigh me down
Pompoms and plumes are pretty
If you?re a circus clown
Funny how black mascara
Streaks when the tears begin
Nail polish, rouge and powder
Can?t paint the sparkle in
Once i was slaved to a sneeze
Now sneezing is just a disease
A rose is a rose
And a nose just a nose
True love?s a phrase for love songs
Real love?s a leaving thing
I want the love worth living
I want the things i sing
I want the love worth living
I want the things i sing

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