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I want this world, to make way, let in the rain, watch it break
Whats going to become of all of the rubble?

Wash us out, scream for help, total failure, whats the answer?
So easily, tear up the peace, what is it all, whats the answer?

Watch it burn
Your playground
Just like you pictured (x2)

Wheres the culprit, a glimpse of honesty, blackened grieving, softly sound asleep
Broken asphalt, war upon the street, i see chaos, i see energy

Set it to go, now watch it blow

Set the bomb, tear it all down, let it all burn, now get your hand on the trigger
Look at our world, let it sink in, look at all of us, we will be all thats

All of us is all thats left (x21)
All of us will be all that is left

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