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The Bombsters

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Date de parution : 20/04/2013

Durée : 0:03:27

Style : Rock

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You're sayin yes you're thinkin no
You're doin stop but wishin go go

They're sayin square you're seein round
You're feeling lost you're looking so found

It's feelin dark it's lookin light
It's lookin wrong it's feelin so right

And now you know it's only you
And all the million things you do


(one day you'll see all the bricks you're made of)

They're singin songs about the wall
And how we've got to make it fall

But brick by brick you've built your own
And row by row it's grown and grown

With your logic truth and reason
Built it since you started breathin

And up and up and round and round
It's just so hard to bring it down


It's who we are it's what we are
And you've just got to keep on going

Some of us drift along the stream
And some of us just keep on rowing


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