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Im smokin till
All the haze burnt up x8

Girl you know the hustler had to jump up on this track
Every track i jump on crack my fans got the monkey on they back
And i be poppin bottles homie i be on that yeah
And i be poppin model's hit the donkey from the back
And i be gettin swallowed everynite after my shows
You would think i hit the lotto i be swaggin on these hoes
Cass be on his toes ima get cash till the casket close
And i been baggin hoes since a kid wit a nasty nose
I had nasty clothes since back in the day when rappers use to wear baggy clothes
I stay strapped in my ratchet hoes more shells then a bag of pistachios
My ratchet blows for snitches i have you sittin in a box
I was sittin in a kitchen whippin the pigeons in the pot
I be watchin everything and i be listenin alot
When im spittin you be gettin a description of the block
To start pitchin on the block you gotta get permission on the block
I school dudes then make em pay a tuition on the block
I got puss for sell if you sick i can fill yo prescription on the block
I got cake i be knockin off weight like a dietition on the block
Get rid of pounds like a right sized smoothie use benjamins to wipe my booty
Im wit a chick wit some nice sized boobies she love my raps so she love my movies
So she tronna seduce me she tronna give me some coochie
Dudes hate when she be showin cass love she get so wet we have sex in the bath tub
And yo i blow mad bud mad kush mad sour i smoke alotta haze i always gotta blaze
And roll up a dutch every half hour

Im smokin till
All the haze burnt up x8

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