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Amelia Curran

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Date de parution : 20/11/2012

Durée : 0:03:5

Style : Singer/Songwriter

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It's the same old story that i've heard 10 times before
You're sending your love to war
With a doctor and a locked up door

You only learned to pack it up a year ago at the corner store
Where the bandage made your blood run boiled
And you're running cause you're so hardcore

And all the ladies dance and swoon
To the tango tune
By the big pi moon?
Oh while your brothers warn each other with their lavish lyric tunes
Oh lover never loved me though i do

And said the doctor to your heart you never ever should have come so far
You couldn't blame it on your new guitar
You wouldn't play it at the whisky bar

And it's been 24 years running up and down the wrong side of
The streets you lived on were not made for love
Write a letter, send a war cry dove


Yes i do have your picture in my car
Where i dream that i'm driving fast and far
And i do want you badly like i said so
Oh whoa when i dreamed how i loved you soft and slow

But never mind the invitation it was all a form of so and so
And we've both had enough of stop and go
And now you wish you'd never said hello

Until we're back into the station where the radio is blaring on
And all the war brides sing their soldiers songs
The night is sure dear but the love is long


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