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All the lies that you say
They don't even come to me
They vanish in the air
Like the buzz of a bee
All the lies that you say
They used to destroy me
And fuck up with my brain
And make me feel like love is in vain
All the lies, oh stupid lies
Oh lies, of perfect lies
All the lies that you say
Now they vanish right away
And they never ever, ever come
To my ears
All the lies that i say
Trying to convince myself
That i'm happy and ok
When i'm so fucking depressed
Well maybe you're right
Yeah, maybe i'm a mess
Maybe i can't take the truth
Oh truth ugly truth
Well those lies, oh perfect lies
They're here to hide the truth
Coz life is too hard to handle
And it makes me crumble

To think about life as a lie
All the lies we've been told
When we're born
That there's no monsters
Only love and pretty flowers
Well they should have told us
About the cycle of life
And how to react when you face
Ups and downs and traps and wars
All the lies, oh useless lies
All the lies, oh nasty lies
That we tell to our children
Creates disillusion
And patterns of confusion
They'll have to figure out themself
How to deal with so much pain
And see that life is no fairytale
Though i wish the truth was love
And we don't have to hide it
And therefor we won't have to lie
I wish the truth was love
So we don't have to hide it
And therefor we don't have to lie
And i'd rather die than lie to myself again
I'd rather die than hear
All the lies

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