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Thinking of a master plan
On how to make the world understand
See i'm the muhfreakin man
But they'll never know until, i really get the chance
To show em i'm heading for legendary
I'm what they can't pass down, hereditary
Still underground, my home is a cemetery
Take the game by storm,
I play it like halle barry
I go harder whenever they doubt
I won't be the person they knew bout
Never change course, i don't need a new route
Like ballroom dancing every move counts
And i'm learning that
All the work i put in should determine that
No regrets, my turn to bat
Like parallel parking no turning back

There's a reason i'm here
Reason to fear, the progress i achieved in a year
My kingdom is near
They support when i drop (eye drop) like a cheek to a tear
Everything i've done was a effective
All of the love puts things in perspective
If you hate, you've completed your objective
They don't have a clue like a lousy detective
On how i'm bout to kill it, admit it, you know i got em
These are the thoughts when you coming up from the bottom
The one they overlooked is turning into a problem
But they'll see son (season) like i was speaking of autumn
Now who are you believing
Before you talk down what are you achieving
I won't put in just to break even
I want way more, respect is the reason

All the things i've done
Oh, we've got a reason
Don't make the things undone
Coz we've got a reason

I've got no regrets coz it's all over now
Don't have to forget coz it's all over now

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