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Tanya Tucker

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I came close to fallin' a time or two before
But somethin' always told me to wait for somethin' more
Then you took me places my heart had never been
You brought me to the edge of love and now i'm fallin' in

I'm going down, down, down, spinning round, round, round
Falling deeper in love every day
I've tried so hard to take it slow but i'm losing control
This time i think i'm gonna fall all the way

I could feel the magic from the very start
There's no way to stop a feelin' when it's from the heart
Now i'm all but helpless when you hold me close
I'm not sure just where you're takin' me but i'm sure i want to go

I'm going down, down, down
(down, down, spinning round, round, round)
I'm going down, down, down (unverified)

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