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Last Tuesday

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Date de parution : 25/05/2005

Durée : 0:03:04

Style : Alternative

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All these things we justify them and we redraw the lines
Will it ever end?
Compromise the days behind us, let the lessons go
Will it ever end?

Take it away, take everything
Take all the things that got us here
(forget the cost, forget the loss, forget yourself)
They've been replaced

Don't condescend
That will offend and in the end
What's there to say
(another day that slips away, you know you let it get away)

It's all gone, all these things hold soft again, let others in, ease up
(we let them slide)
And then there is no room for where we began
We separate and seal the fate of those to come

We'll ask how we got this lost, let it slide and don't deny
(we're gonna find ourselves alone, we've lost it all)
All these things we compromise
(all these things we let them slide, compromise)

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