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Hasker Da

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When i was younger, worrying about it
Trying to make these decisions for myself
And i go on to ask myself what's right and wrong about it
And i don't really know what makes it, ask yourself

Now i see you, you want to ask me
I want you to ask me, i want you to ask me
What does it matter? what does it mean?
Sometimes i don't know why you want to try and help me
I get so confused
I start to fall over backwards
Then i ask this to myself, and see within myself
And wonder what it means, and ask these questions to myself

Now i'm a little bit older
And i'm not a hell of a lot wiser
So i've gotta sit down and contemplate it

Should i talk to the mirror, should i talk to a wall
Should i even talk at all
Would a little tiny bit of action
Would it make it even seem to matter anymore
I guess it matters just to you

All this i've done for you

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