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(intro: bizzy)
It's the remix, we here to rock this shit
It's the remix, we here to rock this shit
Bizzy bone, bryon mccane
Shouts out to the family members
Playalitical on the track, first and foremost
Yeah, one time for your mind
Colorado style, mountain time

(chorus: bizzy bone (heaven))
It's only me, let us be all we can be (let us be all we can beeeee)
Baby it's only me; nothin but mud, spirit, indeed me
Let us be all we can be (let us be all we can beeeee)
Baby it's only me, it's only me, it's only me, it's only me

(bizzy bone)
While i'm runnin in a circle, the demons say i am murkable
No weapons are formed in the storm; it's gettin warm
I'm purple hearted, watchin the world
While dippin up out of the science with alliance, one all, there are many worlds
Heavenly father, while we dippin in this wilderness
Watchin where we castin our pearls, that's to the wickedness
Old school bible vocab, spit up the bible
Slice in math, spit it in a paragraph style
But me don't want no bad man, give me some medification
Baby that ain't a word, you know my edumacation
Split up the verb dawg, i don't think that that's a verb
Feelin like the troubles have become so absurd
Forever, pay for the sins that we know that we've committed
Been admittedly, born in the sins, is we sinners?
Let me take you out to dinner, so you can study my life
Will you love me or condemn me? that's the price (that's the price)

(chorus 2x)

(bizzy bone)
Lord when i need you, i'm feelin like i'm lonely sometimes
And yes this money don't make a difference, the soul is christ
I put god first, i give it up to the father
Daddy do what you will, i love you forever cause you the father
Never selfish, make myself selfish for you
Do what we gotta do, i'm only here for you, it's true
Gotta do the righteous thing, god will protect us through the right in things
Rightin wings, tighten things, lighten things, excitin things
And what more should i say, now let me tell you in the chorus
'fore they break me in phosphorus (i said hey)
What more should i say, well let me tell you the chorus
Before they break me in phosphorus

(chorus 2x)

(bizzy bone)
I got an envelope of paper in my pocket, we grindin
Turnin 50's into 100's, baby that's perfect timin
While shinin in the black ac', windows tinted
Four women in the car with me, is this pimpin?
Baby evil always lurk in the dark, ooh park
We bustin down the (chambers) in the wu-tang art
Now chitty bang-bang, take a trip down memo' lane
Picture me runnin, picture me comin, we all 100
Feel the fuckin drummer drummin, we live and direct
And come connect, with the posses of soldiers and resurrect
Selective of my word use, know of truce
Obstruction of the justice that we did in our youth
See it's a new day, new way, see me in the afterlife
Holla at me, love me don't condemn me, that's the price
It's a new day, new way, see me in the afterlife
Holla at me, love me or condemn me, that's the price

(chorus 2x)

(outro: bizzy)
In the name of the father, the son and the holy spirit amen
In the name of our lord and savior jesus christ, amen
One time, forever and ever and ever, and ever

(heaven harmonizing fades out)

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