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Albert Posis

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Verse 1:
We're back at it again.
No need to pretend.
Just another fight
This don't feel right. no.
You're yelling on the phone.
You say you can't this anymore.
You're sick of it.
About to quit. but.

Bridge 1:
Girl i know it's get hard sometimes
But we gotta stop fighting.
Just gotta keep trying, flying.
Girl i know it feels like you can't do it.
But here i am, just take my hand.
Cause together we'll pull right through it.

Because we're made to be together.
There's no one i'd rather be with.
Baby just stay with me forever.
It's only you, girl believe it.
Baby just trust.
Ain't gon give up.
Cause i got you.
All we gotta do
Is love.

Verse 2:
Girl i know it's hard. it's like
Distance is tearing us apart.
But i want you to know.
That i'll never go. oh.
Cause i'm so in love you.
Baby you're my dream come true.
Can't imagine my life
Without you by my side. no.

Bridge 2:
I couldn't see myself in love with anyone else.
Gotta keep this thing going.
My love for you's still growing, flowing.
Forget the past and just look ahead.
Cause whether you're mad, sad, or glad, i'm...
Gonna fight til the end.

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