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Don't watch that
All we wanna do is rap-thats what we live for
All we wanna do is rap-thats why we're here
All we wanna do is rap-there aint no stoppin us now
All we wanna do is rap-this is a weighty plates production
Ok we're back in the game with this whole rap shit ready 2 range between any name that dares 2 shame dis flame aint ever goin out
Never fade till my times till then shut up and listen see wht the hell u've been missin, vibe 2 this beat yo tasty u listenin bredrin,
No more messin its time 2 start blessin i'm guessin these peeps need a blessin
Wot do ya reckon
Cos they shook and they sweaty wots up!
My development sent rappers to go experiment, so think again i'm ahead and the press mess is intelligent faces and placed
We see shameless ppl remainin to try and stop us from playin but that aint gonna be happenin this rappin is a gift, so i use it to make doe,
If u had it tellin me u wouldnt dont chat shit u'd love 2 flow, the reason i'm writin clear cut and serious is bcoz i ave 2 make the lyrical content sound clear enuff, u hear me!
All we wanna do is rap-we kick it fast and first we struggled hard but its past the worst
All we wanna do is rap-so its time 2 shine we're takin over leave the leaders behind
All we wanna do is rap-we got it locked energy thats so hot thats y we cant be stopped!
All we wanna do is rap-gather round this is real life is us, this is how we get down
My brain quicker rhymes so sinister now im iller be prepared 4 me, my ppl whoever is with us, i ride beats yeah i kick em if u like then listen if u h8 then envy the chain status my position and watch me glisten in magazines and on television makin money the only way i know how writin and spittin, makin a living with wit and brain cells, u only get lame girls, flava gets nothin but them

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