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Ooh ooh
Ah ah
Ha ha
Hey hey

Ooh ooh
Ah ah
Ha ha
Hey hey

You best believe
Everyday i get the same ol' thang
All kind of brothers comin' up to me
With silly lines that can make you sick
(oh they need to quit!)

Don't get me wrong i like attention too
But do they really have to act a fool:
'cause' they see a lady lookin' good
(please admit..)

Is it my hips, my lips?
My eyes, my thighs?
My chest, my hair?
Is it my big ol',,,
Heeeeeeey is that all you see?
-repeat chorus-

In a limousine, fancy cars, bling bling bling
Even if you're standing 6 foot 3,
Or 3 feet tall with no teeth
Have respect for me
Try conversation please
Before you try to put your hands on me
When will they ever learn there's more to me that t&a on this pyt?
(daddy please!)

Chorus 2x

And you acting like you don't know
Why some brothers always lose control
When you wearing them hip-high jeans
With ya thong out baby please,
Let a player speak and don't ya start to tweak!
You got the body that can make men weak.
So when you walk around in "do me" clothes, like them "videhoes",
Girl ya need to know,
That all i'm lookin' at is....

Chorus 2x


Sexy underwear, i see
Ooh and you know i love your hips
Something about your thighs
It's driving me crazy
Ooh ah ha hey hey

Ooh ooh
Ah ah
Ha ha
Hey hey

Is that all you see????

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