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Mmm- so girl step up to this, so i can show you where my allegiance is...
You can trust me as much as the government...
And who cares where the others went...
I'm doin fine - now better off than being lonely
Time to go now - nothing gon' a slow me
Open and free - as stretched abandoned highway
Claim my pride, don't disguise - even if i die this way
The fought and struggle, ain't gon to waste
And you can - trace the movement by the ground that it breaks
And it's - documented by our triumphs and mistakes
So we can - set together to some fish, lobster n' steak
Pay no fee, not even split the gasoline
So we can, talk all night ... of how we perceive
The american dreams, and all its evil things and the unheard screams
From the stress that it brings...