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Don Trip

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Allen iverson:
I'd b lying if i said that it didn't bother me u know becuz i think that i created all this. like wit the mistakes that i made in my life u kno i created a picture of me that's not that's not me u kno i-i did alota things when i was young that i'm not proud of but u kno i think things helped me to be the man that i am now.
Vs 1
Wen u cumj from nuttin n turn it into a fortune
The ppl around u all want their portion
A couple mercedes a couple of porsches
Da bitches is sheisty so a couple abortions
Folks get slimy they all like oysters
The media pickin at u they all lik vultures
N u on a pedestal, u gotta stay focused
Ery move u make, it represents ur culture
U wanna b normal but that life's over
Now u on tv magazines n posters
U represent gangstas u represent soldiers
N they can't stand y? cuz u not oprah
N u got tattooes ya hair cornrowed up
N they lik o my n u lik so what
The world is cruel but one thing it showed us
Whatever don't kill us only makes us mo tough
??? the talent that he gave me, ppl wanted me to be 35 years old rite then . like this guy wit all this talent. this guy who u kno has this effect on all these ppl in the world like this, we want him to b this way. well i didn't wanna b that, u knatta mean?
(reporter) what did u wanna b?
N who is u?
A--sum--a human
Vs 2
In search of fame, at sanities cost
U a household name but all privacy lost
U make a mistake they hang u up on a cross
All of a sudden they forgot who u r
They for got about all da times u hustled n fought
Plz show me a king that's never suffered a loss
Or sho me a man that's never suffered a scar
N i'll sho u a man that's never given all
Or u sho u a man that's never given his heart
If i'm becomin a monaster its all y'all fault
U can't b a gentleman wen u swimmin wit sharks shit
Wen u can b superman who wanna b clark kent
Pour out my heart til i wind up heartless
Tryna b a father w/o havin a father
They hate wen u rise n celebrate wenu fall
But thru out it all i jus ball
I jus ball (continue till a.i. n beat fades out)
We sittin in here, i supposed to b da franchise n we sittin in here talkn about practice. i mean listen we talkin about practice. not a game, not a game, not a game, we talkin about practice. not a game not a not a not da game dat i go out there n die for. n play every game like its my last. not da game, we talkin aboit practice man. i mean how silly is that? we talkn bout practice. i know i sposed b there, i kno i sposed lead by example, i kno that. n im not-i'm not shovin it aside lik it dont mean anything, i know its important, i do i honestly do. but we talkin about practice man. what r we talkin about? practice? we talkin bout practice man. we talkin about practice (2x)

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