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Sandra Boynton

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Well, i was born on a friday in the florida sun
By the kissimmee river and before i was one,
My mama alligator said to me with a smile,
Let me show you how to walk in a particular style.
You take a little bit of country and some slow rock and roll,
What you got goin is the alligator stroll.
Okay. i hold my head up high, keep my feet on the ground,
I never hurry, never worry, as i'm strolling around.
I can keep a certain tempo that is lazy and sweet,
And i don't need shoes cuz i've got alligator feet.
Take a little bit of country and some slow rock and roll,
What you've got goin' is the alligator stroll.
I don't wanna fight; i don't wanna bite.
I use my 75 teeth for a smile so bright.
You can recognize me by my rose-colored shades
As i make my strollin' way through the everglades.
I'm strollin', still strollin'. yeah.
Oh, bless my soul, what we've got goin' is the alligator stroll.
Left, right, left, right.
I got a letter from my cousins in the great dismal swamp,
They said they want to teach me their alligator stomp,
So i'm strolling that direction in the way that i do;
I hope to reach the carolinas by the time i'm 82.
If you like a little country and some slow rock and roll,
You can follow right behind me with the alligator stroll.
(put on your shoes. looks good. follow me.)
We're going left, right, left, right,
Give a hollywood smile with those teeth so white.
Now stroll to the left, back, forth,
Now we're strolling to the right, step south, step north,
Now we're strolling straight ahead in an alligator row,
And every now and then we do a little do-si-do
Hey rock, roll, rock, roll, all the way to carolina
With the alligator..... (i'm in no hurry).... stroll.
See ya later, alligator.

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