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Date de parution : 25/09/2012

Durée : 0:00:59

Style : Soundtrack

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Attention ladies and gentlemen,
We give you this years king and queen of the prom,
Tommy ross and carrie white


Ensemble (sung)
Hail alma mater
Alma mater we salute you
We proclaim our devotion
As we set our dreams into motion (dreams into motion)

Sue (spoken)
Oh my god,
Miss gardener!

Miss gardener (spoken)
Sue what are you doing here?

Sue (spoken)
Please, you've got to listen
Something terrible is going to happen

Miss gardener (spoken)
I knew you were up to something

Sue (spoken)
Oh you've got it all wrong!

Miss gardener (spoken)
Sue, i warned you
Get out!

Sue (spoken)

Ensemble (sung)
Oh our hearts beat true for you alma mater

Chris (spoken)
Billy pull the damn cord,
Pull it!

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