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Trey Songz

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Verse 1
The doors open and everybody turns around
To see you walk down the aisle in your pretty white gown
You holding your daddy's arm your tears begin to fall
And both of our lives are about to change, forever.
Everybody stands she reaches out her hand
The preacher says we're gathered here today
And i, i almost lose it
When i hear you say 'i do'
And im so in love with you, baby
I almost lose it
When i see that pretty face
Its more then i can take
Verse 2
I wonder if shes nervous or will she get cold feet
She wears her smile as the diamond shines from her wedding ring
I hope its everything you wanted
You deserve the best
Always knew id be the reason for your wedding dress
So beautiful the way you read your vows
Then the wedding bells ring
As the tears roll down your cheek
Is it possible for me to speak
My heart is beating fast and my knees are feeling weak
So speak now or for ever hold your peace
Cant help but wonder from my seat if he knows you were meant for me
Cant help but wonder from my seat if he knows
Does he know you were meant for me
Do you know, cant help but wonder
If you know you were meant for me, girl
And if you didnt know you are, you are, and i
I almost lose it.

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