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Brian Harvey

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Oh, i just wanna be alone with you
Girl i'm willing i'll do anything you want me to
We can do whatever that you wanna do
Oh, i just wanna be alone with you
We can swing the night for an hour or two
It really doesn't matter girl it's up to you

Lick back, in the club
Checking you out, seeing what you're all about
I like your style babe
Can i get down lady with you
Cos i been watching her facially
Waiting to see if she would talk to me
Cos i didn't know she stayed across the street
In a pown two or three
How much better could it be?
Cos she's right next to me

I must say girl, you've got a hold on me
You're the finest shortie that i've ever seen
And i must say that you've got everything a real thug needs
If you're feeling me flow - if you're feeling me flow
Maybe we can roll, somewhere we can say it all at the club
Girl i really need to know if you really wanna go
And then we can be alone

Real gold chains and platinum rings

Gotta lick it just to kick it
When i ask you why should i let you hit it?
No time for the haters that can't be trusted

I need a nigger that can hit it all night
And won't stop crying when the ??? sight
Eenie, meeny, miny, mo
Catch a pigeon by it's toe
If she hollers, let her go
No time for the rhythm of roll, hell no!
Come be alone with the lba, wanna be on the way
Know what i say

Girl it's time for you to make a move
So what you wanna do?
Cos if you're feeling me like i'm feeling you
Let's get up off this room
We can swing the night, pack it real tight
Just me and your crew
All i know is that i wanna be
All alone with you

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