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Night In Gales

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( swano )

Thinking of the wood that guards the hillside
It has changed in many ways
The best friend that i ever had, i killed him
And i'll always remember his face
But i'm alone...

I'm thinking of the voices from the parklane
How come they just disappeared
Right now i am back where it all started
And now the voices are calling again
But i'm alone...

And the voices are only one voice
I hear it much clearer now
It's like on another level
Where i can hear the words without a blur
And it seems like that we can communicate
I hear him say he's such a lonely soul
A spirit from the lonely skies
And somehow i recall the voice
But i just can't place it in time
- hey, you should remember me! it said
And then it was gone
Faster than it came
Faster than it came

I am walking down the lane and i am shaking
Now the voices have returned
And i wonder who the hell i've been forsaking
Who will see my bridges burn?
And i am not alone...
And i am not alone...
I'm not alone...

I saw my shadow move
But i didn't move
I has a life of itself
And it's breathing
And you can't runaway from your own shadow
I'm desperately trying to run away from myself
But the shadow is following me wherever i go
Just like my shadow, but it's not my shadow
It's not my shadow
It's not my shadow

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