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Toby Lightman

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Date de parution : 29/06/2010

Durée : 0:03:57

Style : Singer/Songwriter

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Everybody needs someone to cling to
Everybody needs someone to call their own
No one wants a love that you can see through
No one wants to spend their whole life alone

Someday i know he will surely find me
Someday i will have a love to call my own
Then i'll have someone to lay beside me
Then i'll never have to spend my nights alone

Alone, isn't where i want to be
I've got so much to give, we're not supposed
To live alone
Isn't how i think of me, i'm counting down the
Days til i can put that word away

The world is full of people who are searching
And every heart is trying to find a home
Just like everything i think that i'm deserving
Of a love that takes away the word alone

And i'm waiting in line
And i'll wait like a bird on a wire
And i wonder if that day will ever come
When love walks in to finally take me higher
Then i'll know my search for love is done

(thanks to alana for these lyrics)

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