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Trey Songz

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Date de parution : 13/09/2010

Durée : 0:03:31

Style : R&B/Soul

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Shawty we been sippin on bub
N i done had enough
Let's get up out this club
Cuz i'm tryna get u
Alone alone alone
U alone alone alone
Shawty we been flirtin all night
N once we outside
Can i offer u a ride?
Cuz i'm tryna get u
Alone alone alone
U alone alone alone

Twinkle twinkle little star
Over there standing by the bar
Would u mind if i came 2 where u are?
Where u are?
When i look in ur eyes girl ur tellin me yes
N when i look at the way ur booty poke outta that dress
Nah nah girl don't try to hide it
I'm on my way over there stand right beside it
I wanna kno how u doin
What's ya name
Girl this chemistry we share is so insane
Girl u kno wats happenin
Me n u just laughing
Plus my phone done died so put ur number on this napkin


Beautiful, gorgeous,
I aint tryna buy ur time i can't afford it
Wat i'm tryna do is paint a pretty portrait
Me n u a chariot ride with horses
I done came a long way
From white tees n forces
N as a man i understand we can't force it
But if i walk u outside where the porche is
I'm tryna take u back home to my fortress
Woman take my hand
Tell me wats ur name
Girl this chemistry we share is off the chain
Tell me wat u think
U n i been laughing
Baby girl i'm asking
For a night of passion


All i'm thinkin
How can we get
Alone alone alone
(just u n me baby)
Alone alone alone
(just u n i)
N once i get u imma kiss u
Imma touch u cuz ur softer than some tissue when u leave me ima miss u
Gotta get u alone
Alone alone alone


I hope ur cool with that
Just u n i girl.

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