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Date de parution : 20/07/2012

Durée : 0:05:44

Style : Alternative

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I should have known by the arc of the empty wine glass
I should have known 'cause you step on, don't walk over cracks
Looking over my shoulder to see you looking back over yours
But you were paying the ferryman even after chris said don't

But you're not maud gonne
Not maud gonne
No, you're not maude gonne

You're not maud gonne but then again neither was she
The only one talking now is my alphabet soup
I'd say you'd like children but you couldn't eat a whole one
The only one talking now is my alphabet soup
And he's on a loop

I should have known but i only caught a glimpse
I should have known, it was a beautiful
Red wine soaked glimpse, i was other peoples' children
I could always be sent home in front of someone else's
Blue screen for someone else's show

What's that you're saying to me
Tomato coated spaghetti?

It's gonna be okay

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