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Amanda Lear

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This is my alphabet
Because time goes on
And things are changing in my world
Here is a new alphabet for the children of my generation
Of course all this words have a meaning for me
But all the generations might find a different mood to their world
My alphabet goes like this :

A stands for anything
And b for bionic and bach
C stands for claustrophobia
And d for dirty old men
E stands for everyone
F is full frontal and friends
G of course stands for getting a divorce
H now stands for hijacking
And i for a king size ego

J now stands for jukebox and junkies
K is for those who kiss and tell
And leading lady starts with l
Naturally m is for me
N is for never again
O is for that famous story
And p for pain, poverty
Q stands for quality, which is better than quantity
R stands for rock and roll fan
S is sexy and sad
T drive them totally mad
And u for everything to me
V stands for a little voodoo
And w for where and when
X sounds extremely mysterious
Y is the question i keep asking
And z, dear child, for the zero you will get if you don't learn my alphabet

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