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Date de parution : 17/06/2013

Durée : 0:05:53

Style : Electronic

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Alright? yea.
Alright? yea.

I'm a little scared about this one
You only get one try.

You get lost in the mix in the bowl
It keeps mixing all the time.

Alright? yea.
Alright? yea.

You saw me fall in love
You saw me fall apart.

You saw tumble down
Spinning round and round.

You saw me glow in the dark
You saw me go in and out.

You saw me through the walls
And the cracks i spilled out of.

Alright? yea.
Alright? yea.

On the floor, scoop me up, scoot me over, roll me up //
Call me out, call me out. calm me down, calm me down.

I see you going the mile. i see you going on trial.

Alright? yea.
Alright? yea.

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