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Cross Canadian Ragweed

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Date de parution : 20/04/1998

Durée : 0:03:55

Style : Country

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Thinking back to my college days
Man that was such a haize
Always some party going on
Someone up getting drunk
Someone down getting stoned
The jimmy hendriz poser in the hall
Covering up that hole in the wall

Five for a dollar, man the price is right
Ramen noodles almost everynight
The credit card will surely cover spring break
But i might sit at home and just buy me a steak
Well i ate it all by myself
And told my roomates to go to hell


If your going downtown to the liquor store
Bring me a bottle of wine
I've been taking myself much too seriously lately
And i need to unwind
So fire up the charcoal and we'll sit in the yard
Get primed up and head out to the bar
I wonder who's playing down on the strip tonight
Hey man life's alright

It's penny beer night and bar hoppin around
Someone breaking a heart
Someone laying one down
Waiting in line at the all night cafe
I drank all my money, how am i gonna pay
And it's "oh my spinning head"
And it's one foot off the bed

(repeat chorus)

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