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Michael Jackson

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I love you now
I love you today
Too blind to see you care, ohh no girl
When i'm alone i see you under the world of me
When he dance all night long
I wish you could upon me tonight
Don't be scared all day too me
I'm awalys there.....

You are my light
You are my lady of the night (all i say)
Its alright girl...
Ohh yeah, girl....

I'm a very woderful man to you
When we are always together
I wish you are there
When it gets through at times
Sadnes will not survive
I pray for you you to live
I love you today...

You may never get to say there nothing you can do
I know you can make it
Just give it all you got.
Its alright girl....
Ohhh its alright....

We are the ones today
We are the ones (its alright)
Never give up on me...
Its always alright
When you're there
Ohhhhhh...i love you....alright girl.

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