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Tonight i dreamed of a reality that might be true
Tonight i dreamed of all my days and nights with only you
You said i should look to the stars and marvel at all that lays above
But i think your words were corrupted by love,
This is a peaceful night i swear.

Today i dreamed your words were true...
Today i searched for all the things i once admired in you
You say i should look to the heart, to the hopes, to the dreams
And the feelings inside...
But i think you're only telling lies;
And these are peaceful days i swear.

So my world is coming apart and i think i'm drowning in silence
And there is no prayer to find the answer
No, there is no chance.. it happened too fast.

Tell me is this only how you seem, is this the only way you'll be;
Is this the way it's gonna stay? i wish there was another way...

Oh how i miss the days of winter,
How i miss the winter's song
And though i wish you were beside me
You're in my heart where you belong

Somewhere you're out there under the same sky
Somewhere you're out there not wondering why
I cannot forget you, but you'll never see
Cause you're not thinking about me

I'm dying inside but i finally feel alive
I'm dying inside and i'm finally feeling alive
The same sky, yet you're a lie...
Clouded by the tears of the loneliest cry
And you will never see me, no you will never see
How the warm sun bleeds into me,
Under blue skies..

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