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Dj Peace

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No one can make me feel as good as you do
I get this feeling inside
I hope you're feeling it, too

When i look in your eyes
I see the sunrise
Bringing warmth to my day

I see the mountains so high
Touching the blue skies
All the clouds have drifted away

Baby, i want you to know.... i love you
Honey, please.... always be mine

Boy, don't you know i love, i love you so
Will you help it last, will you help it grow
When you smile so bright
It's quite a sight, like the heavens up above

Such a magical face
It would be a disgrace
If we should ever lose our love


(dancehall break) you know right from the start when i saw your face ... a glow
Came into my body right then and i know
You were made for loving me and i was meant for you, (breathe) nothing i can do
Cept for loving you
Until the end of time when the world ends for us
The fire will be burning on and on, you can trust
Our spirits will fly, like an eagle so high (breathe) into the sky
Together so high

I'll always be true ... and i'll always care
Because you know we are quite a pair
I'd never cheat or lie... don't want to see you cry, i only want to see you grin

You know i'd rather die, than hear you say goodbye
Look at the state you've put me in

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