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Martin Sexton

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Date de parution : 06/04/2010

Durée : 0:04:

Style : Rock

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What is success?
A house on a mountaintop?
Things that cost a lot of money, i got
Comfort for the beast inside
Childhood dreams
Some a-come here through the air
Laid themselves untouched and bare
Like a gift in the night
And old forgiveness
I find i lend you long ago
A broken part of me would not let go
But it always got away, yeah
It always got away, hey yeah
So hold my hand
And walk beside me now
Ill help you clear
The demons of thunder
And the wreckage of your past
An unknown soldier
From a regiment of angels sees
Illuminated fields of everything
And this too shall pass
And one love
I really thought i had it all
But reality came fallin down
Cause it always got away, hey, yeah
Yes, always got away, hey yeah
And i believe its true
When mountains crumble to the sea
It will always be you and me
Now take these hands
Raise em up into the dirty sky
Let go the reins and let your horses fly
To the green grass of home
The green grass success
The green, green grass forgiveness
The green grass of one love
The green grass of knowing
Knowing who i am
I thought i held it right here in my hand
What i didnt really understand
Is that these tears
Of shame and hurt and fear
Like everything else
They would disappear
But it always got away, hey
Yes, it always got away, hey
Always got away, hey
It always got away

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