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La Femme

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Because we are
Always in the sun
We had to
Don't worry about these little things
Who corrupt your life
And make you live deep

And still teach you how to smile
Sometimes you're sad
We used to get the choice
To enjoy the pleasure of the life
Hey grace
Is where we are
Don't you know that earth is paradise
Please don't be sad
I still can't kiss the moon
of the nights

Just be
To breath under the sunshine

Between the future and the past

Far from flowers who will be
Under the same star
No black cloud in the sky
We are still walking
On the wild side
Even against the shadow of the most
Always in the sun
I don't know why sometimes my eyes only see the light
With pain
The darkness in my veins
Even if the sun you'll never be lost or drawn.
Come with me beyond the sun

Please come
We're always in the sun
Still waiting for your smile

I know it's hard to close your eyes

We're always in the sun
Please come
Have a sit where we are
Face to face
We're floating on

Always in the sun
The sun
Always in the sun
Always in the sun
Always in the sun

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