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Date de parution : 23/11/2009

Durée : 0:04:3

Style : Hip Hop/Rap

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(lil' wayne chorus)
Always strapped when i hit the club niggaz give me daps bitches give me hugs and since im paid niggaz be muggin' me you know i mug 'em back niggaz be muggin' me you know i mug 'em back

(lil' wayne verse 1)
Check me out look
26 inches bitch i'm sittin' croocked.
Old school chevy faster den a silver bullet.
Strawberry paint seats vanilla puddin' 2 bitches
Gonna eachothers pussy.
Top chopped sent da car to the barbershop.
My driveway looks somethin' like a parkin' lot.
I'm so unorthodox i got your bitch ridin' my dick wit no shocks.
(bounce bitch bounce bounce)
I'm the hottest shit jumping out the coffe pot man
I'm just tryin'to get my spot like a polka dot
Lil' kush make my eyes and my shoulders drop, lil' syrup and i can make a soda pop,
Keep talkin' n i can make my soldiers pop, real niggaz wit' me ridin' 'til the motor stop,
I got these hoes straight livin' out the soap op.
I got it covered like a coke top.

(chorus x2)

(birdman verse 2)
Put the k in the car while we ridin' blazed, put the chop on her pussy in the driveway.
Bet the house on the youngen n we got paid.
Triple colors on the bikes n the new mercedes.
Bustin' keys on they ave. while we got paid.
But my tens ridin' hot to an open bay, uptown made man out the hard way crab in the bucket 50 shots bitch make a way.
(like father like son)
Ball 'til ya fall stuntin' wit' them paper plates, throwin' hundreds at them hoes while we eatin stakes.
We in the club poppin' bottles like erday.
We grind for the shine nigga gettin' big money.
Got a fleet tossin' chicken nigga get cake, i'm on his island with this power like scarface.
I'm in the impala dropped top chawwnky ice man birdman rockin' red monkeys


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