Paroles de Always

Marco Sison

pochette album Always
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Date de parution : 24/03/2014

Durée : 0:04:53

Style : Pop

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Woman, i will love you always
And i, promise i'll give you the best
My love, you mean more than life to me and i love you more than words can say

Refrain 1:

You, you'll be the only one

That i'll love for always
Forever to cherish
I want you close to me
And hold you endlessly uhhhmmm
And feel you girl in my arms, always

You, yes you are my sunshine
You are the reason i breathe for
And there's nothing i want more

Refrain ii

I need you,
I need to have you in my life
I want you always by my side
Now and for always.

Whisper this words to me
That we will always be,
Together, just you and me forever
I want to spent with you, baby my whole life through
Every moment loving you, always

I want to give all my love
My heart
My soul my life
Everything that i am