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Mint Condition

pochette album Always
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Date de parution : 01/10/1993

Durée : 0:05:3

Style : R&B/Soul

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Just sittin' thinkin' 'bout
The time when to you i vowed
My life
I wanna know do you remember

See you're my special prize
My quest for you was wise
And i just want you to know that

Bridge 1

The joy you bring me
Joy you bring me
The way you tease me
The way you tease me girl so right
You stimulate me all over

For you my love pours
For you love pours
I'm loyally yours
I'm your loyal man for life
I will always be there



Day and night
Night and day
You see i will always be there

Be there
Be there
Never go away

Day and night
Night and day
You see i will always be there


Don't you be afraid
Never doubt the things i say to you
No need to ask if i really care

I'm here to comfort you
Every morning through the night
Please believe me baby


You're my lova
You're my lova
Oh forever
Ani't no other girl in my life
You know you're the only one

You're my best friend
Girl you know that
On you i depend
We will stay the best of friends
I will always be there


Adlib verse: 2x

Let's take it slow
Let's make it last
I wanna love you always
Our love will never come to pass


Adlib chorus til the end of song

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